Welcome to AMDALAH AMDAF envisions a future where women of African descent enjoy equal opportunity
recognition, respected and treated justly

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Advocacy for Social INTEGRATION & INCLUSION Creating and promoting activities that strengthen, bridge gaps and unite communities. Contact Us Changing narratives; Building women capacities Inspiring understanding on issues affecting women and girls.
And advocating for women’s right to health
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Our Causes

Our Cause
Women Advancement

We work actively to promote civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of women by supporting all actions towards empowering women and removing systemic barriers to their advancement.

Our Cause

We advocate for better healthcare system on exclusive health concerns that affect women such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, as well as productive and maternal health.

Our Cause

We adopt Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals, by promoting all actions to eliminate root causes of discriminations against women of African descent in public and private spheres – to achieve gender equality and empower them.

Our Cause

We identify with International decade for People of African descent 2015-2024 and International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. In doing this, we recognise that people of African descent represent a distinct group whose human rights must be promoted and protected.

Our Cause

We believe people from disadvantaged or minority groups should have a voice in the community and participate with equal rights as host community, to live the life of their dream to their fullest potential without discrimination.

Upcoming Programmes

Africa Women Roundtable & Intercultural EPIC Award 2022

Upcoming Events
Africa Women Roundtable & Intercultural EPIC Award 2021
Join our battle tested, winners and brave panelists at this year Africa Women Roundtable to safely break barriers and speak truthfully about obstacles that keep women stuck.

Date: 12th March 2022
Venue: Dublin / Virtual
Time: 12-6pm

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Annual General Meeting 2021

AMDAF 2021Annual General Meeting (AGM) holds on January 29, 2022
Call for Expression of Interest,

Annual Reports

Election of New Executives

Call for expression of interest and nominations are now open for the following voted.

Executive positions:

Vice President
General Secretary
Assistant General Secretary
Welfare Secretary
Assistant Welfare Secretary
Head of Programme Unit
Publicity Secretary
Assistant Publicity Secretary
Financial Secretary
Policy & Research Officers
Integration Support Officers
Programme Coordinators
Enterprise Development Officers (for GOCOM Radio)

Email: info@amdafireland.com

For enquiries, call 0833747482

Voting to these positions will take place at the AGM on 29 January 2022. Venue to be announced.

Thank you most sincerely for getting involved.

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what we do

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AMDAF envisions a future where women of African descent enjoy equal opportunity and are not judged based on their race. Our vision is that women of African descent are recognised, respected and treated justly.


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