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Annual Events

Africa Women Roundtable (AWR) & Intercultural EPIC

An emerging annual global women empowerment conference is designed to create a safe place for women of African descent, to hold conversations that matter, change the narrative surrounding their identities, build capacities and find personal fulfilment.

  • To commemorate International Women’s Day.
  • To create an enabling platform for African women to discuss their experiences and differing identities.
  • To create a wider understanding of the intersectional peculiar effects issues that affect migrants.
  • To address causes, effects, supports, and management of issues.
  • To address barriers in accessing support, services, and justice.
  • To influence effectiveness and results of government interventions and policies.
  • To pose innovative solutions.
  • To celebrate notable women and Organisations.
Afro-Irish Youth Summit

annual community youth event that engages youth aged 15 to 24 in favourite fun activities, skills, games, and quiz while addressing challenges facing African youth in Galway, and practical ways to overcome them.

  • Showcase talents.
  • Lay out vision, challenges, and the kind of help youth need from their parents and the government.
  • Strengthen the network of youth in Galway and support their skills for a better world.
  • Motivate the youth to be crime-free and law abiding. To prepare themselves for purposeful life as future leaders, investors, and creators.
  • Support youth to be change advocate in their communities.
  • Create avenue for youth to learn about opportunities and from stories that will encourage them to achieve their highest potential.
Focus Areas:
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring
  • Violence prevention
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Mental health
Dance Party:

Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Event for a chosen Cancer-focus organisation

  • To mark breast cancer awareness month.
  • To join our voice with ongoing awareness on breast cancer.
  • To create awareness on importance of breast check.
  • To encourage breast check.
Fun Run

A friendly race that may involve road or field running with participants from all cultures for their own enjoyment rather than competition. Lined up activities include kids run, family run, medals for finishers, goody bags for kids and prizes. It’s a free event designed to entertain, create awareness and raise fund for AMDAF.

  • Women coming together to enjoy, not compete.
  • To encourage, inspire and motivate people of all ages and backgrounds to improve their mental and physical health through running and exercise.
  • To improve public awareness of a cause/an issue.
  • To bring family together
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AMDAF envisions a future where women of African descent enjoy equal opportunity and are not judged based on their race. Our vision is that women of African descent are recognised, respected and treated justly.


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