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Providing Information sharing, representation and advocating for change

AMDAF work in partnership with individuals, groups, businesses and agencies in the community to provides information, representation and advocate for change on behalf of women of African descent and their families in the community.

Workshops and seminars

AMDAF flagship programme, Africa Women Roundtable is an emerging annual global women empowerment conference. This is designed to create a safe place for women of African descent to hold conversations that matter: change the narrative surrounding their identities to build capacities and find personal fulfilment. We also organise training, seminars and workshops on various fundamental topics for youth and women.

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Community Development

Our community development project, Galway Online Community Radio (GoCom Radio) aims at giving the ethnic minorities a voice through active online community Radio. GoCom Radio aims at giving the ethnic minorities a voice in Irish media and producing content around issues that affect the ethnic minorities. The vision of this project is to unite the community without discriminations and promote cultural values through indigenous languages of the ethnic minorities.

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what we do

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We create space for gender, social, equality and personal issues to be discussed without judgement. Our network group provides avenue for women to meet, and support, inspire, encourage, and advocate for each other.


We ensure the voice of women of African descent and their families is heard, their issues addressed, and services availed.

Information Sharing

AMDAF follows and shares information regarding services, opportunities, local/women/family events, and policies available for members to benefit.

Training & Advocacy

We deliver education and training workshops, seminars and conferences to a wide range of public and private sector agencies and groups across Ireland; aimed at enhancing participants’ awareness and understanding of the issues experienced by people of African descent especially women and girls.

Informed by the issues and experiences raised in our frontline programmes, we provide a strong advocacy voice on the opportunities and challenges facing African communities in Ireland. We do this through individual advocacy support and by campaigning for broader legal, social and policy change to enhance the visibility, inclusion and rights of people of African descent.

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AMDAF envisions a future where women of African descent enjoy equal opportunity and are not judged based on their race. Our vision is that women of African descent are recognised, respected and treated justly.


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